The villagers and the world ii

I’m impressed and touched and proud after a Sunday phone call with my dad (which is in itself a rare thing, and this time it turned out to be a beautiful one). I got to hear about his personal encounters with refugees in the tiny village close to my hometown, that my mom started to teach German to them and that he began being her assistant in that.

As a few of the refugees had teared up as they were speaking about their families back home, one of them had shared his experience from fleeing, told unbelievable stories about border controls and that he didn’t even know how many days he had spent in the lightless back of a vegetable truck before he could finally step onto safe ground and into daylight again, somewhere in the nowhere in the middle of Germany.

Listening to these realities makes me once again feel very humble about the challenges I face and the conditions I have in my own little life.
And besides being proud of my parents’ wholehearted actions and seeing that they are not stuck in a tiring every day life, I’m enormously thankful for all these other invisible heroes out there who engage genuinely for the sake of a healthier humanity, bringing a little more light to different corners of this needy planet.

We’re in this together.


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