I’m looking back at the past 18 months in which I called this place my home. It was here that I stumbled my first sentences in Swedish, where I felt very inspired and found direction during Individual Studies, where I took brave decisions that led to courageous actions. It was here that I experienced dynamic waves of finding and searching, utter confusion and great clarity. I’m thinking back to lingonberry picking just outside the house in late summer, or to early autumn mornings when the first thing I did after I woke up was to go barefoot outside to get a fresh apple from one of the trees.

How often I was simply in pure awe when the whole place was lit up by the full moon at midnight, when I was walking to the house and a moon shadow was following me in deep winter. Or these summer nights, when I cycled back home from outdoor parties, when I failed to guess what time it was because the midsummer sun was causing midnight shadows of a different kind. I saw many shooting stars, made many wishes, and not to forget the first northern lights I ever saw, it was here.

I really loved my autonomy but time has come to move out and on, to live closer in the centrum of the tiny town, to move into a time with more WE than I.
This is a huge (virtual) hug to all the precious people I met here, to the rich time I spent here, to the newness I’m super excited to step into!













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