Now is the time in which I feel alive.

No longer are my thoughts on a journey, bringing back sorrows from yesterday or potential threads from tomorrow. Now, the most precious and genuine thing of all is the present moment. Now, this very inbreath, cold november air filling my lungs with life.

Now, the sound of my exhale and the cloud I breathe back into the world. It’s only now that I find gold and diamonds. It is here where I learn from the future. After sabotaging myself for what I hadn’t become yet, I instead look at what I have already achieved. Now is the time I finally love myself.
Now is the time that I refuse to think of people as ’right’ or ’wrong’. It is now that I feel safe in uncertainty as I have come to understand life’s generosity. It is now that I accept its gifts that are handed to me. I get rewarded by the universe for the risks I take on its behalf*. I have learnt that there are risks I cannot afford not to take.

Now is the time that I take another first step and harvest from the seeds I once sowed myself. Now is the time in which I express my very own light as a gift back to the world. Always fresh and new, full of surprise and potential – the now has become my dear and unpredictable companion. Its only reliable feature is that it will always be with me.

NOW is the time. Now is the time I’m asking you to thoroughly listen and courageously follow your golden soul’s desire. And looking at now from the other side: You WON. 

Now is the time you’ve won.


(*Shakti Gaiwan) 

November 2014


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