Vitality – 1/77 – Kickoff in the capital


Popular vitality

“It is not until you allow every other being and everything else around you to be fully alive, that you will be and feel fully alive.”

There’s so much and yet somehow nothing to be added to the quote above. The most significant for me about this quote (beside its mere content), is almost that it was said at a Dark Mountain Workshop event in Stockholm last Monday. A little group of people was gathering in one corner of the room to continue the conversation, joined and left by various people over the course of the conversation. Among them were both close and new friends, the initiator and host of these monthly events, as well as the evening’s main guest David Abram, philosopher and cultural ecologist, who had said the words above. As people were hanging out, catching up or getting to know each other after the formal part of the event, the corner-conversation headed into an exchange about vitality and aliveness. I felt too shy to add my viewpoints, share a thought or ask a question at that point but I participated by listening deeply and got yet another confirmation that vitality is something worth to be talked about and to be worked with in this time of global crisis. And it became clear that it’s not only about human vitality but beyond, the term ‘the-more-than-human-world’ was mentioned several times. If I want to approach this theme in a holistic way, I can’t just look at how we as human beings experience it but need to include all life there is, and that’s an endlessly beautiful and impressively infinite thing.

vitality coming to life in me

I’ve attended these events regularly and I still don’t quite get it why they make me feel the way they do – whether it’s because of the fact that the room was full of open mined artists and I was being infected by their creative vibes which were naturally filling the room or maybe it was also just a good mix of good people, a blend of well known friends with whom I feel comfortable, people I newly met and am curious to see more of, and potential future friends who I still call a stranger. Maybe it is because it’s just the right place for me to be: People, place and content. Whatever it was, as soon as I entered the room, I felt inspired and with that I also felt vital. It didn’t start with a thought, but it started with a feeling: An excited tingling in my belly, that was eventually also giving space for inspiring thoughts in my head.



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