Vitality – 3/77 – Of course, the forest!


Trees, cliffs, ants, moss, rain, wind, rocks and sunshine.

It feels almost unnecessary to mention that spending time in a forest is highly vitalizing. It was only one hour that I was hanging out there by myself the other day, and basically from doing nothing, I got super energized. There is no need to put any effort in it except then: Going there & being there. And that’s it, a fairly simple recipe towards some kind of unifying. The outdoors is just the natural habitat for us human beings, it’s where we’ve spent the majority of evolution, and so it’s a reconnecting with our original roots in some form, as some of us civilized ones seem to have forgotten and totally lost touch with what is actually meant to be much closer to us.


It seems to explain itself that nature just has a positive effect on us on many levels (and there’s probably even a ridiculous amount of scientific research on this out there!). It’s so simple that every extra word on this seems redundant right now.
Being in nature is good for you. Period.



A lot of sky, some trees & a stripe of civilization

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