Vitality – 5/77 – The part with the two faces


Opposing forces

I noticed a few days ago, that there’s a certain part within me (and probably even in many of us) and it’s one with a really, really powerful character. For one, it has the ability to catapult me into some kind of state of flow where I’m boosted with vitality and I feel I can do pretty much everything, it makes me feel capable and let’s me blossom in my creativity.  The other side of the same part is equally strong – and able to pull me all the way down into a heavy space, where I find myself stuck and closed and in a really, really unpleasant condition.

It seems like this part needs to be kept happy, and it doesn’t even have high expectations nor extravagant needs. All it needs is to be fed well, and its favorite food is called activity. It’s endlessly hungry for action and doing, always craving for something new so that it can work and engage with the incoming input and put its hands on it and turn it into something creative, something own. If it’s not cared for with action, then it easily turns on its ugly face. From a place of boredom, it starts raging and rioting in my inner, taking one destructive action after another, eating from my wellbeing which results in overcritical and doubtful thought patterns and an overall worrisome emotional state.

Nourishing the creative face

So as soon as this part is not fed well, it starts behaving destructively, messing chaotically around, and leaving no space left for harmony. Let’s see how much I can play with this strong and two-faced part of mine. I’m intending to feed it in the right way, so that it may give me its happy face most of the time, that I can work creatively from a place of harmonic wellbeing.




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