Vitality – 6/77 – Tack solen!

At least this year, the best thing to me about the Swedish winter reveals itself only now: All the darkness created such a big contrast to the brighter half of the year that’s just begun, and there couldn’t be more appreciation for light and life that is currently shining increasingly. It really shouldn’t surprise me, but it somehow does anyway, the intensity of this shift is beyond what I expected. Every single sun ray is thankfully received and contributing hugely to a feeling of aliveness and fulfillment after this Monday which somehow turned out to be too good to be called a weekday as usual. Nothing big happened actually, but the small things became great in a subtle way. The abundance of sunshine, offers and opportunities to create and be involved in lovely things, preplanned and surprising hangouts with friends, some office time by myself, as well as having my hands in the muddy soil of a big field, while my face was smiling from the fresh air in the bright sun.

Favorite hang out spots are being recaptured! Vitality up!

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