Vitality – 7/77 – Urban fatigue

One day, I went to the big city – and came back exhausted. Shopping malls with ever repetitive stores, capitalism, consumerism and critical gazes right in ya face! Taking tunnelbanan drained my energy and being underground made me feel unsafe, the pace in which people were talking their steps caused stress in my body only by looking at theirs, and all anonymity left me with a feeling of disconnection & loneliness after just a couple of hours. It got much better though as soon as I had walked my way through the rich district (that part of the city had even managed to maximize my uncomfort) to the waterfront where I could finally take a deep breath and a wide gaze over the big, open waters – with my back to a sad looking little park which made me almost feel sorry for the urban folks who have to call that little square their ‘nature’.

Maybe it’s because I’m having a crush on real big nature these days, that I so strongly want to avoid all civilized city life. I was longing to see the horizon and not only a little section of the sky. I was craving for calmness and not having to be exposed to traffic noise constantly. There’s so much beauty in the city but I didn’t feel it.

(Artwork by Pejac)


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