Vitality – 12/77 – Seriously, play it!

Leka oss framåt!” (-Let’s play our way forward!)
I got inspired by these words during a lovely conversation with a little crew of lovely people as we were exchanging thoughts on how to engage with life and world.

It’s so easy to get stuck in some kind of adult seriousness, a space in which one follows the seemingly given rules, a world of ‘supposed to’, where most of that which exists and all that is to be done seems to be in categories like either, or, right and wrong. I got a text from another friend just a short while after that conversation, it included the expression ‘work hard, play hard’ – and that sounds like a sweet combination for an adult life worth living.
When watching kids deeply engaged in play, it is aliveness one sees. In play, there’s ease and joy and curiosity. As you’re playing, you’re being alive.

So today, vitality is: Play.


2 Replies to “Vitality – 12/77 – Seriously, play it!”

  1. Maybe you should give an example of a daily live situation to show how to play. Could be useful for some people, could`t it? How can you play while working at Järna Meierij? Was war gestern los – sonntags kein post? Macht Spaß zu lesen. Bin immer schon ganz gespannt! Gebe dir gern mal nähere Rückmeldungen beim Skypen, wenn du willst. LG MOM >

    1. Schau auf’s Datum – ’17.April’ 😉
      I PLAYED my heart out during Sunday work at JM yesterday. So much fun, lovely.
      Regarding giving an example, well… Maybe YOU want to come up with one? Right now, I just wanted to leave it up to each and everyone to take or leave it, and act from own inspiration.
      I’d LOVE love some feedback from you on skype at some point. Tack! Kram!

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