Vitality – 13/77 – Stormy booster


I’m pretty convinced that life wants us to be brave. And what we receive in return as we take the daring step, that’s predictably all too often a generous portion of pure aliveness that’s boosting our whole being. It’s about going at least  half a step further than what initially feels comfortable to do. I DO want to take that extra step, almost every day, even though it sometimes is just the tiniest possible, reaching the tips of my little toes out there. I’ve been experiencing that it’s just ALWAYS worth it to be courageous. Sometimes, to my own surprise, I manage to even take a much bigger leap than what thought I’d be capable of. And the rewards are all too often way more generous than what I thought is possible or even appropriate. I’ve learned by now that other times ask me friendly to stay inside until I’ve filled up with energy and courage through the coziness of my own cave of comfort.

Out there in the stormy rain, returning with strength

But whenever I feel ready, I just have to open my door, and simply step out. I never know what’s awaiting me but what I truly can rely on is that the rejuvenating adventure in front of my door is always existing. Out there, there’s refreshing wind, a cold stormy rain beating against my cheeks. My heartbeat increases and so does my awareness. It wakes me up, over and over, and I just feel alive, so damn alive… Dynamics intensify and my joy becomes greater, making it up for the fearful insecurity before I took the daring step out in the storm. It’s a shaky feeling out there, making me want to scream against the storm, resisting it’s power as it’s blustering around me, seemingly wanting to sweep me off my two feet. But I’m standing strong and I do resist. „I can be here!“ I’m screaming eventually into the rebelliously rainy wind, confirming for myself that I AM strong even though my knees are trembling, and my words are quickly fading away, no chance left for a single echo.

It seems that the creative part is an ever adventurous one, ready to grab its pre-packed backpack and speed out of the door into the storm, no time at all left to look back or close the door. It’s this part which always seems to be craving for the new, it’s finding deep fulfillment in getting to see the world beyond that what is known.
Before I get all too cold, I’m deciding to finally return back home and warm up for a little while, with a hoarse voice from screaming and a bright smile on my face, wet to the skin and a strengthened heart.

Today, vitality is: Courage.



2 Replies to “Vitality – 13/77 – Stormy booster”

  1. Thank you my dear sister for being such a true inspiration!
    I LOVE the way you write! It immediately takes me on that journey of COURAGE today!
    Thank you for having such a beautiful closing for such a deep day today ❤

    1. So glad to read your words my dear. Thank you. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you how today’s brave traveling will nourish you. ❤

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