Vitality – 14/77 – Orientation

What do you actually mean with vitality??” Often interested and also a little confused some friends and people I’ve met recently have asked me this question. It really doesn’t seem so common, even Wikipedia doesn’t have much to say on it either. 
Briefly worded from my own point of view, it’s a state of being with a feeling of aliveness, it’s health in its highest form.

I’ve been only scratching on the surface on this topic until now and I do long to dig way deeper but life, job and sunshine are drawing me out of the house, so that I’d not only sit at home and think and write. And that’s cool, at least I dig a little bit on each of these 77 days until midsommar, and maybe, in the end, I’ll be proved that ‘a little goes a long way’ indeed.

In the long run, I do feel called to dive into the theme of vitality a bit more professional, I’m interested to make this a multi-angled and comparative research. What for example do modern science of psychology and ancient philosophy say about it? Does vitality have limits? What is YOUR experience of it?? And after all, why does this actually matter at all?

It’s common to train our physical body, it’s increasingly popular to exercise our mind too, and there are even training programs to be more compassionate – so how does vitality training take shape? It does already exist and it takes shape in many different forms. It’s certainly not a new thing in the world but somehow it seems to be a rare thing here in the west.
On this 77-day long journey, I collect random bits and pieces on the broad theme of vitality which may form a bigger picture in the end. My hope is that these 77 days won’t just be a mere diary of mine but that it may have some value in whatever form to whoever reads it..
So, onward & upward from here!


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