Vitality – 15/77 – Home zone

I would have never thought to get direct input on this vitality thing at my job. Okay, maybe I had believed that I’d learn about the downside of vitality by having to face and feel fatigue when coming home after fully busy days. So far, that’s been there too but the surprising and cool thing is that I actually do get DIRECT input.

How to rest?

While working, a practical conversation with my nice colleagues about whether to take summer holiday or not faded into a vivid discussion about common misconceptions on resting, that it’s most often associated with being passive and  that the striving for relaxation can be a stressful thing in itself. There are times for stillness and I’m pretty much convinced that if planet earth has a will, it wants us human beings to spend more time in being-mode rather than doing-mode. But what kind of being mode do we find ourselves in, and does it have the quality so that it actually serves myself (and eventually others)? It needs to be a balancing dance between doing and being. I believe that most of us haven’t actually learnt to rest and recreate properly. We either move further and further in rushed doing-mode or end up in a passive state (for example with some overstimulation of TV series). How to find balance between doing and being? What’s the best way to overcome exhaustion after 7 days in a row at work, and what can resting look like after a stressful day in the city?

We talked about what to do instead of just resting in a completely passive mode and came up with some good stuff, that resting is mostly about going over into a different energy zone, activating different aspects of yourself while the exhausted parts of yourself can rest.

I mean, it’s called recreation and not re-destruction.

Home zone

One of many thoughts was also that each of us has a different ‘basic energy zone’ in which one is most at home, sometimes changing throughout a lifetime. So one person might want to spend and get most of his energy through physical work, while another one feels the same when being active intellectually. We came up with a few more energy zones, namely the spiritual, heart-, communicative, creative, and social. All of us can hop and sway from one to the other, whereas being in our individual ‘home zone’ happens most naturally and it’s there where we come into flow. Engaging in the other zones might take more effort but can be crucial in oder to be a being in balance.

I’m very much grateful that job and my personal interest happened to fade into one on this day, thanks to amazing colleagues.


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