Vitality – 17/77 – Oracle

Sleepy. I was starring onto the surface of my morning coffee that I just had poured from my french press into the cup, to which I had added just a tiny bit of milk before I sat down. A daily ritual. Coffee busyness as usual. The idea of coffee makes me usually excited in my mind but once I’m holding the warm cup of caffeine in my hands, I tend to drift away in an ocean of worrisome thoughts that have obviously a lot of power on my emotional state. What if I used this moment, that is mine anyway, to keep my mind clear, get actually ready and excited for the day ahead?
It was maybe a week ago or so, that I started to see a heart in my coffee. ‘Unintentional latte art’, I was thinking when I first spotted it before it swirled on and transformed into several unpredictable shapes.
Today, the heart transformed into a boomerang. Helluva metaphor!!?!
Love that you give away freely, will eventually come back to you at some point. That’s at least what I took from it during this morning moment before I continued to take my sleepy sips, then rushed out of the door and into the day.


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