Vitality – 22/77 – Invisible heroes

It’s about vitality of the world, this earth globe really needs affection. Not only through big actions of proud humans, who are then rewarded by other’s affection and media’s jubilation. No, maybe what’s even more crucial are these tiny gestures and little actions that might never been seen by anyone else. Picking up that piece of tinfoil from the grass, holding the door open for that mom with a crying baby in her buggy, acknowledging the stressed barista at the coffee shop while waiting patiently in the line. Selflessly invisible tiny actions of kindness.. Actually, what is it that really makes a difference? Is it only that which we usually consider as big, the projects whose impact we can measure?
I’m convinced that it’s got a lot do with the intention behind all these small endeavors. And actually, it is scientifically proven that generosity benefits our own wellbeing.
So: Win. Win. Win.

I was once again inspired about these ‘little’ things by my mom, when she was telling me about a refugee who was suddenly forced to move from his newly found community, embedded in the tiny village close to my hometown. Due to an official letter which was received only 2 days earlier, he had to move to a new accommodation far off from any town and make a new home there, among strangers and basically in the middle of nowhere. My mom said she was going to bring him his bike that he had forgotten. For her, it meant spending a Friday afternoon in the car, driving a forgotten bike to another place. And for him, it meant a lot. And maybe that’s what it comes down to. It means a lot to someone else, so it also means a lot for the one giving.
It warmed my heart, enormously.

Thank you all invisible heroes, for caring deeply and letting your care manifest in your actions, even though they will never been seen by anyone else but this needy earth is thankful.

This is dedicated to all of these humble and caring beings, with extra honors to my parents. I am so proud. Thank you for holding this world together.

Today, vitality is caring.


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