Vitality – 23/77 – Daily discipline

“You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.”
There are certain things that are worth doing even though (or maybe especially when) one meets resistance before hand. Things that are good for you and your well being. Some sort of daily personal practice that you do every day without exception. Whether it’s some sort of physical exercise, or mental training to bring calmness and clarity into a sometimes messy world of thought, or simply starting the day by drinking a whole glass of water that you placed on your bedside table before you went to bed the night before. Whatever is is for you, there are more options than there are human beings. A little TLC (tender loving care) from yourself to yourself that serves as an anchor for your well being and creates a source of balance, that helps you being grounded with strong roots in the chaos of life.

Today, vitality is discipline. 



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