Vitality – 25/77 – Train trip training


In times of Spotify and smartphone, it felt pretty retro to grab my blue iPod nano, put it in my black back, and eventually connect it to my white headphones only a little while later, when I was sitting on the train to Stockholm. I pressed ‘play’ and remained with eyes closed for about 40 minutes. Passengers hopped off and new ones joined, people looked at me without me even knowing or noticing it, the train stopped and took up speed again and I just listened. I listened and followed the instructions, spreading awareness through different body parts, one at a time. I was scanning my body upwards from the tip of my toes to the crown of my head . Body scan, a crucial part of MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), and I used my time on the train for that. I could have day dreamt, been lost in thought or emotion but I felt I was constructive there. Since I found mindfulness, I had realized at some day that I didn’t get bored anymore. There’s always something to focus on, to direct your attention consciously toward, to train these mental muscles. While walking, while waiting, while wondering. Don’t let time pass by with out even noticing it, let’s not drown in forgetfulness.
When I had reached the top of my head and finished, I opened my eyes again, wondering what the guy who was still sitting in front of me was thinking about me. Nobody saw that I had just made an effort, nobody had an idea what was going on, nobody except me knew what it felt to be in my body.
I pressed ‘skip’ and the shuffle function of my iPod served me some fine german hip hop, which was perfect to get me ready for upcoming city vibes. The distance between two stations was all I had to accustom my eyes to daylight again, to move from inward attention to outward focus, to switch from slow to fast. I felt refreshed and extremely focused, found it easy to remain calm in the midst of the crowds of Södermalm’s evening rush and felt happy that I has used my train time wisely which had enabled me to take in much more beauty than usual.


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