Vitality – 34/77 – Tiredness ain’t no friend of mine

I really don’t like being tired, if not to say I do hate it. The best thing about tiredness is when it’s over – that point when the energy kicks in again, when the bodily heaviness fades away and gives space for lightness, when a foggy brain becomes an open mind and receives inspiration, when a negative thought is suddenly a precious insight, when social anxiety turns into comfort in community. I still haven’t figured out how to handle tiredness. Should I just wait patiently until its over? I easily judge resting as a waste of time… I haven’t come here to rest, I’ve got more important things to do. If there’s nothing to do or interesting to think, at least I want to feel good and enjoy the mode that I’m in. But ‘enjoy’ plus ‘tired’ seem to be a complete mismatch to me, and I just haven’t managed yet to figure out how to adapt my behavior toward that. It’s a given that tiredness will be part of my life experience every once in a while, and so it’s probably a wise thing to learn how to be in tune with it.


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