Vitality – 35/77 – Cliché: Touché.


It’s almost ridiculous how the use of 15 minutes can benefit your wellbeing in the following 24 hours. I’d become sloppy with my daily home yoga over the past weeks, but in the last few days I’ve touched my everyday-all-day-ready-laying-mat more frequently again. I experienced myself as more energetic during the course of the day, more stabile in energy and in enhanced harmony with myself, work seemed easier and the arising challenges were fun. For at least a whole year, yoga home practice was a real pleasure for me, and I hardly ever felt I needed to involve my will or any discipline into it in order to make it happen. These days, however, I do experience a lot of resistance which had even gotten so strong that it made me skip my – what used to be daily beloved – workout for body and soul. It used to come out of itself because I felt the effort’s effect so clearly.

But maybe I did need this break of non-yoga days, to get motivated again as the contrast between yes-yoga and non-yoga days is extremely obvious. It’s either the first thing I do after waking up or the very last thing before crawling into bed. It has developed into something I cannot not do. It’s a self-chosen duty, a daily obligation that seems to be very necessary for functioning well in whatever it is I choose to put my strength into. There’s still quite some resistance, both before and even some kind of boredom while practicing it, but as I wrote some days ago: You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.


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