Vitality – 37/77 – Circles of Realness

Vulnerability – Creativity – Authenticity

There’s nothing in the world I admire as much as the courage for vulnerability, expression of creativity and authenticity of another human being. I’m not impressed by any professional skill that basically everyone could acquire over time and with discipline, but it’s the deeply personal in an individual (which actually often seems to be universal too). I love to witness others in their humanness, and even more so when they express this fully and courageously.

Authenticity is contagious.

In social settings, when somebody speaks for example from a vulnerable place among a group of people, I’ve observed that it often has an impact similar to the first raindrop into still water, swashing the original impulse from the center to the periphery in ever growing circles… Expressing something (whether it’s a great fear, a personal reflection, a curious question) from the inner most core without any given guaranty for security but leaning faithfully into trust instead: That’s vitalizing those listeners who surround the one daring to reveal a fragile piece of realness of her/himself.

Today, Vitality is:



It’s scary as fuck, and fragile as shit: We all carry it in us, it’s our strongest and shyest part at once. An incredibly deep human longing.


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