Vitality – 38/77 – 3:52 hours

3:52 hours of conversation, 100% trust

That we were wearing the exact same hoodie in blue was a coincidence that really didn’t surprise me much. Yet, it brought a smile to my face and a happy feeling to my chest, it seemed as if it was only visibly proving that our friendship is still going strong in the subtle. Even though we hadn’t been a contact for a while, even though we are leading our two lives in two different countries. Once, I remember, we were playing in the rainy weather during preschool age and build tiny beds of moss in a huge tree root for the dwarfs to live there, close to the thick forest that I was scared of. And years later, as we’d become teenagers, we were using the same piece of ground for photo shootings during similar weather conditions. Today, we exchanged our recent stories and how we were encountering what life had brought to us. Full of mutual support were it was needed, delighted for the magic in the life of the other, inspired by each other’s attitude toward the tough and the pleasant.

It was both the comfort of our familiarity and the coziness of my bed that felt vitalizing to me. Much to my surprise, I started to feel really energized again as soon as we started our conversation before which I was living with the belief that I just hadn’t any energy left within me after a job day that had followed a short night. But there I was, fully awake long after midnight, filled with gratitude for and energized by our friendship.

“So it’s apparently these sleepless summer days again”, I was thinking, as I kept laying sleeplessly under my blanket, failing to fall asleep for hours while the birds’ twittering outside was becoming increasingly louder proportionally to the growing light of the young day.


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