Vitality – 42/77 – The very best things

It’s amazing how the very best things just come to me without ANY effort. They’re probably built on some earlier courageous actions but some days these very best things are just flying freely to me, as if they just want to come to me, be with me and stay with me.
Today, these very best things were Work related, a perfect balance between challenge and comfort, knowing my own stuff with confidence and learning about things that were completely new to me. I could not have dared to dream of this development but I had set an intention by the end of last year, and it’s not at all the first time I’m experiencing that an intention which feels truly important to my heart leads me toward that what I deeply wish to live. When a mere visualization becomes my actual reality, that’s magic of manifestation.

Today, Vitality is intention.


Paleo – 1440/10080 – Lovin’ it.

It’s probably both the actual physiological effect and also the psychological, meaning the mere decision to change something so habitual as the food you eat, and doing it right away and immediately after having taken the decision. It brings important parts of daily life to life, beyond the sleepy world of one’s habits. ❤


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