Vitality – 43/77 – T(h)RE(e)some

Today, I got at least three huge portions of some deeply delicious vitality, á la “take away, please”!
It’s that kind of sustainable and renewable thing, it wasn’t delivered in a single-use coffee to go cup that you throw away right after you’re done with its content. This one, it will keep transforming while you’re holding it freely in your hands, as you observe it with presence and its content will become ever more noble over time.

TRE: Trauma and Tension Release Exercise (google it & do it!), tried it for the very first time today. Amazing. This one is to be continued and deepened and practiced for sure.

Human beings and being in sincere conversation with one another, pheeew! And this worked so well, meaning that I found it easy to connect and be present after the TRE experience, being in my body that would have had a huge grin all over if only it could smile from more than that one usual place in our faces.

“Inga krav, men det finns altid möjligheter” 

(“There are no requirements but there are always possibilities”)

Wherever you may want to apply this sentence, whatever context you find it useful, when I heard it today, it was related to human encounters and the level on which we choose to meet each other.

Getting a new idea (What category does this actually belong to? Ok… maybe I’ll touch on this another time!) is so life-giving! It crossed my mind today that I want to give Vitality Sessions for groups at some point once I feel I have enough in my tool box, enough knowledge in my brain and enough courage in my heart: Some sort of common exploration into the deeply individual, the relational and universal connection to Vitality. I imagine to share tools (a vivid blend of all that I found and will find along the way such as Mindfulness, TRE, conversational/social tools, various food and nature related things, offering what I’ve learnt by then, researching together in different ways and inspiring to live a life in radiant aliveness in order to benefit from and be of service to(wards) the full potential of oneself, of life (one’s own, other humans, other species…) and world itself.

So it’s once again clearly about connection: To my Self, to others & to nature. Striving for vitality is equally a striving for wholeness & union. And it appears utterly complex and yet it is so simple!??

Paleo – 2880/10080 – New age? Stone Age!

Funny to hear myself saying “I don’t eat dairy products” while working at Mejeriet 😉 My body seems to be thankful for this renewed shift into stone age. “Stone age” is the new “new age”.


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