Vitality – 48/77 – Engagement

I’m not a spontaneous person at all, quite the opposite. Usually when I do what I do, I’ve at least pre-planned my actions or even thought about my words before I speak them out loud. And that’s not always good nor is it really helpful… I feel I have to work on acting impulsively, and less controlled, and learn to be spontaneous.
Will it be worth it? Am I too hard on myself, aren’t I too tired? Will I have to contribute anything at all? Do I know enough? Okay, whatever. GO! I will only know when I’m there. GOO!  Exactly 14 minutes to make your way by bike to the other side of the town’s centrum. GOOO! 
I had eaten dinner but I hadn’t really washed the soil from my hands which had been sowing biodynamic watercress earlier this afternoon. But that didn’t matter. After a spontaneous coffee, a quick change of clothes and a brief look into the mirror – which resulted in a decision for golden earrings instead of black mascara –  I found myself on my bike and a surprisingly short while later, I was sitting in a circle together with at least 30 others. I was part of a conversation on the topic of suicide prevention in the local area. I was part of a both inspiring and productive conversation, and I was part of a group of people who do not believe in the society we currently live in but all together crave for a (very) new story.
There were profound, simple and concrete ideas on all possible levels, some of them already existing, such as regular night hikes where kids and youth can be adventurous and totally free during a Saturday night, easily done with the help of some voluntarily given time by relaxed adults and some organic corn which they pop later in the dark, sponsored by local grocery stores. And what about more play at school, not only in the first grades. Daring to really ask the question what school is actually for, and what function it has to have nowadays.

There were loads of interesting, precious, practical and philosophical threads during the two hours that I could pick up here and reflect on but I’ll leave it for now and will first focus on my personal observations that are on the top of my mind right now, all the inspiration that’s come up in me because this meeting weaves into this vitality thing in an incredible way. There was so much in this whole conversation that touched on thoughts that I’ve been having over the past weeks, due to my vitality enthusiasm. And I also noticed gladly that I know already quite a lot, that I’ve come quite far, how to approach and realize certain things, thanks to my education at YIP, my Individual Studies and not least writing these daily blogs on vitality, which has equipped me with some valuable insights and well needed viewpoints. I might not yet know much about how politics, municipality and other public authorities function but I seem to be learning about these things as well. For me personally, it was a strong portion of real-life-confirmation that vitality work is needed indeed, that I want/do work with it in one form or the other. It simply feels fantastic to know that so clearly, and feeling that so strongly inside me leaves no space at all for any doubt about that. Bäm!

There was a brave woman, who said she wanted to sing a song. She explained how it had helped her in trouble times, and she sang beautifully. It was her own song  and the message of her song was simple but easy to forgotten in life’s regular chaos: To allow yourself to be happy. To be happy, simply for the reason of your existence, and not only when you’ve done or been anything or anyone special. Yes, we may, can, and should be happy just for that simple reason, for the mere fact and miracle of being alive.

Today, Vitality is Engagement.


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