Vitality – 50/77 – #Farbe #Color #Färg


Midsummer is coming closer, and that also means less than 4 weeks left to write this daily Vitality blog. It’s a bit past midnight while I’m typing this, the night sky is still dark blue, not black, and it won’t get any darker, neither tonight nor in the next 28 days. That’s just as every year up here in the north pretty epic, causing me probably once again (third summer by now!) some trouble when it comes to sleeping, I’m already expecting that. At the same time I can also count on some boost of inspiration, and if it’s not during day time, then it will come during sleepless hours in the middle of the night, just like tonight.
It’s time to involve my right hemisphere now, it’s time to let other parts of myself speak wordlessly.

Today, Vitality is color!



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