Vitality – 58/77 – Nöff, nöff, nöff.

Totally sleep deprived I had started into this day, and as I finally finished work past schedule, when I could step out into the hot sunlight, I thought I had actually become  a little overworked as well, even though the whole team had been taking it light and with humor, one thing at a time.

Social Vitality

Exhausted and with some tension, stress and a little frustration in my body, I was about to leave the building. What could have been a mere ‘Hej-då’ encounter between me and my Danish boss unfolded into a short conversation, something that really could neither have been planned nor predicted in its benefit toward the rest of the day. It was a brief encounter of two tired human beings who hadn’t disconnected from their humor yet.

My spontaneous question that just gave voice to my curiosity about the video that was flickering over the screen was followed by a more or less satisfying explanation, and eventually turned into a question back at me, what kind of sounds pigs would do in German language. We exchanged ‘Oink, oink, oink’, ‘Nöff, nöff, nöff’, and ‘øf-øf-øf’. At that moment it caused big laughter between the two of us and that was just the best bridge ever from a busy day full of duties into the more self-directed, freedom- and sunshine filled parts of my week.
A while later, ‘Øf-øf-øf-øf-øf…’ kept on turning echoing circles in me, causing a smile all the way home as I was cycling home through this new summer. It somehow released a big part of the unwanted stuff in body and mind, and the 5 hour night before really didn’t seem to matter much anymore.
Obviously, a laughing person is a vital person.

Today, Vitality is humor. (Besides many other things.)


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