Vitality – 59/77 – Gear shift

Changing tempo. It vitalizes to speed up or slow down on purpose. As if it was a decision to abandon one’s autopilot mode, and then moving in a self-regulated tempo. It’s about paying attention, it’s about taking initiative, it’s about acting consciously. It’s about living in life’s full spectrum, honoring its polarities and knowing when to shift gear. When it’s steep in front of you and hard to move forward, it might be a good idea to ease up and change down a gear whereas in other moments, when its moving by itself, you might want to accelerate even more, make use of the speed that is already given to you and possibly push a little more with the power of your own, using the resistance in your pedals which is easy to take as the natural speed is supporting you fully toward more power when its rolling downhill by itself.

Today, Vitality is knowing when to shift gear.



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