Vitality – 65/77 – Trollskogen

2016-08-21 14.13.15.jpg
#B L Å B Ä R S B L I S S 

Eyes closed, open for everything.
We were just standing there in stillness, simply receiving the sounds that were composed by water and trees; raindrops’ tones as they were falling onto leaves and needles, into the forest. We were having a moment, there, on the old wooden bridge that would lead us over to the other side of the little dark creek a little while later.

Breathing. Smelling. Amazing.

It was as if the forest sucked us in from the very first second we had entered it, making us forget about the rest of existence beyond the world of trees, moss and blueberries. It felt as if it wouldn’t let us go before we hadn’t fully tuned in with our senses so that we could see, hear, taste, smell and feel what it was that it had to offer today.

That the forest is an ongoing available source for a reliable vitality boost is not a new thing for me by now. And yet, each time it is happening, it’s a new experience. Each time, it seems to become slightly more intense than it has ever been before. Each time, there are new layers to be discovered, both in the visible and invisible realm.

With the taste of blueberries on our tongues and a delicious sensation in the spirit, the dreamy forest in Sunday mood did let us go eventually. And then, back in town, we experienced the beauty of socializing in civilization (but that’s a whole other story…). ❤

Today, Vitality is forest friendship. (Once more…)



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