Vitality – 66/77 – Aesthetic


When I was a kid, I used to say that I wanted to work at a florist’s. Back then, I was fascinated by how beauty was put together through combining shapes and colors. I remember waiting patiently and observing curiously how the woman’s hands were working swiftly on the bouquet while keeping up a conversation with my dad. I guess I liked these situations because I knew he would give the flowers to someone else and with that bring joy to someone, for one reason or another. Aesthetics. I always liked the peace in it, flowers’ kindness. There wasn’t much more of a purpose but evanescent bloom. Just beauty.
Growing up, I got these impulses every once in a while and went outside into our garden and picked a lovely combination my self. I loved the feeling on these summer days, the sudden creativity, it made me awake and present to the moment. After shortening their stems to equal length and finding the right vase, I would eventually appreciate the sweet touch of new life they brought to my room.


Being somewhat of a grownup nowadays, a spontaneous bare foot tour through the garden still feels purely therapeutic – especially after the shittiest job day (which was the case today). It brings life to my heart. Lavender’s fragrance. The shades of the rose leaves. The wide sky above my head, the green grass underneath the naked soles of my feet…
An opening experience – purely connecting towards myself and toward my surrounding and the result of that was harmony. Stressful exhaustion faded away and I started to feel my heart again, a sensation that seemed to have been absent the whole day but now I dropped into a different realm of being. Suddenly, I could feel my heart. There it was, gently joyfully and 
carefully dancing. 

Today, Vitality is opening your senses.


“At the root of the ecological divide is the separation between the senses and the self. Here we enter the aesthetic dimension of ecological crisis. the term „aesthetics“ comes from the Greek word, aistesis, „sensual sensing“:; it means activating all our senses. Unless we rediscover our senses as gateways to the living field around us, we will never resolve the environmental crisis. Just as the social divide reflects the loss of the other on an interpersonal eve, the ecological crisis reflects the loss of the sense as gateways into the living field of nature. People often fill the void left by the loss of the senses with consumption —which in turn deepens the extras manifestation of the ecological crisis.“
Scharmer, Theory U, p. 100 




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