Vitality – 68/77 – From anger to art


It can be powerful to fully attend to one’s acute emotions, I experienced today that it can be life giving to one’s creative expression. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful, this time playing fully without any ambition or attachment to the outcome, but with all emotions that were there within me. Wildly throwing both color and form on a large and white sheet of paper which very soon wasn’t able to be called blank anymore. My spontaneous game with water, paper and brush made me feel so much more connected to what was present in me anyway. And that wasn’t actually a pleasant state of being, nor was it an emotional state that you would usually wish for yourself or another, but as soon as I could actually dive into it, it simply became what it was. And it was as if it became excited to be expressed in its true nature as soon as I had touched that place in me. It became alive, and if it’s alive, then it’s vitality – and that’s what I’m striving for.

Today, Vitality is emotional creativity.




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