Vitality – 73/77 – Reliable flames

There’s just a reliability with fire. In the past weeks, there have been several fires I was sitting around, and it was vitalizing every single time – each in its own way. It’s probably also because humans have been sitting around fires since their existence that it has a deeply grounding and quite a peaceful impact. The flames never stop moving. There’s no such thing as stagnation in fire. The fire is often placed in the centre, in the very middle of a circle, we’re honoring the light and warmth it gives as we make sure it keeps burning within a tamed way.
Think of the effect of just having a lit candle on kitchen table or desk at home.. It creates atmosphere and soothing beauty, it brings life to every space and with that also life within us, no matter how triste the physical space is in its basic nature. There’s celebration in flames.


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