Vitality – 53/77 – Interdependence and Complexity

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It’s taken me a long time to get that symbol with the circles right. I had a simple vision beforehand, I wanted to draw 5 circles and each of them should be in contact with the other 4. That I didn’t have a pair of compasses wasn’t the reason it took me so long,  a white espresso cup with golden ornament assisted me in drawing properly even circles. But getting the distances between 5 circles equally distributed seemed to be a mission impossible without knowing the right geometrical trick. It would have been much easier if I had decided to take 6 circles instead.  

Foto am 05.09.16 um 01.14.jpg
little helper

It needed to be 5 though, since it had become clear over the past weeks of continuous focus on my own vitality levels that there are 5 different layers (at least!) that build vitality on the level of the individual. All of these 5 relate to each other, all influence each other, all are effected by each other. It made me see how complex vitality is, how difficult it seems to get a “proper overview” on it at once, but this also means there’re many possibilities and different directions I can choose in order to effect it.

As always, when I seem to be on the right track in life, interesting coincidences happen. Totally in alignment with what I’ve started to see in the past weeks regarding those layers within vitality, we did a “five-body-check-in” right in the beginning of a yoga class last week. One after the other other, we were moving our attention through our being and checking in with ourselves. It were exactly those five layers that I’d found earlier: The physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the energetic.
They can’t be separated from each other, they’re tightly interconnected.  Each of them can vitalize each of the other, and on the other hand, each of them also has the capacity to drain the other ones. I don’t quite believe there’s a hierarchy among them, linearity doesn’t fit to living systems.

At this point, I’m not quite sure about the placement of the energetic layer, isn’t it maybe vitality itself? Does it actually make sense to have it as one of the 5 layers or should it rather be a sub-/ overarching layer???

Most of what I’ve been looking at has only been on the individual level, and there’s so much more to explore within the relational realm and in even bigger systems such as on group-, and organizational-, national-, or even global levels. I aim to not merely look at human beings but even beyond and into the non-human realm, into ecology and other fields for example, wherever vitality can be found. What is it that makes these systems healthy and vital? What layers can be found there? Can I point out some crucial “vitality points”?

Foto am 05.09.16 um 01.03.jpg

It’s clear that all living systems are complex systems. And even while trying to make these 5 layers visible by means of geometry I get information about my assumption: The trickiness in drawing that graphic symbol with the 5 circles showed clearly how inseparable these different layers are from each other, that moving only one of the circles would have significant consequences for the symbol, and that’s valid for both circles on paper and accordingly most likely also for the invisible vitality realm within. The drawing itself (process and final result) somewhat gives an idea how this interdependency might look like.

What otherwise could be an overwhelming challenge, makes me right now only more excited about this vitality topic at large and increasingly curious what will come out of this in the future. I feel inspired to dig deeper, and naturally motivated to keep asking, to continue reflecting on what I find along the way.
I’m confident that my upcoming university studies will support me in this vitality mission, that I’ll develop much better skills for this, especially in reflective and critical thinking (so that I may look back at some point and be embarrassed about my simple level of reflection I own now.) It will support me in finding answers to my current questions so that I can then formulate and work with new and more complex questions, it will train me to be sharper in my formulations, and to communicate better why on earth I believe vitality matters.

Today, Vitality is complexity.


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