Having moved out of reach of Sweden’s wideness, waters, wildness and those unique relations after three years, my first days were more about having left than they were about arriving. Being back in Germany felt both strangely familiar and in some sense also just really, really odd.

Those 1400 km that lay between my new student life and my swedish home create obviously differences of which some are more tangible and appreciated than others. At first, I was overwhelmed by an indescribable feeling that was more challenging than all goodbyes together. I just missed everyone and everything that used to surround my life sorely. It felt as if was being lovesick, not because of one person, but the uniqueness of a place, its nature and its people. Days were passing and I realized what this phenomena is commonly called: Homesickness!

But luckily time moved on further and things changed slowly: University started and my classmates revealed themselves not only as amazing people but also as amazing new friends.
It was time for nostalgia to fade away which created space for a much more delightful feeling: Excitement started conquering its place. Curiosity about future adventures began to unfold. Inspiration from the first sessions at university was being born.
And while I start appreciating what life here has to offer, a gentle longing toward the scandinavian north will be continuing to have its life within me, always.


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