Vitality – 74/77 – Revitalizing Vitality


Today, the first week of semester break started and besides some writing and reading for university I’m off until the middle of march. Even though this first term really wasn’t a busy one, I’m already noticing that I’m feeling much more free than what I did in the past weeks. I’m longing to be a more conscious shaper of my days and weeks ahead which comes along with an increased appetite for creative action! And so, I’m taking it up again: 77 days on Vitality! There’re 17 out of 77 days that I still have to write about to complete it before I can review and organize all pieces of this vitality puzzle.
It was in the beginning of April, when I first decided to write about vitality for 77 days and among all the major and minor things that have changed since then, my feeling regarding this vitality thing hasn’t changed at all. It still feels really, really, really important. It’s become clear that this strong gut feeling had never abandoned me (and also never will), but that it was just temporarily hidden under my distraction and covered by my efforts to get used to this new chapter of my life.
I’m hereby re-vitalizing vitality itself and say thank you to our amazing spontaneous hang out last week with F. and D. and S. whose question “What is your dream?” happened to make me reconnect this. Onward!


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