Vitality – 61/77 – Mind & Body Cooperation

Okay, so this was a good insight today. It might seem super obvious but for me it was a really helpful thing to keep in mind. Wherever you’re at, start from there.
I’ve had a super slow day with too much internet and too little fresh air after getting up late because I went to sleep in the middle of the night. Yoga has already saved me on many other days, and today it did so too.

My insight while doing it and observing how my energy shifted was something like this: It’s about starting where you’re at. So if I’m feeling slow, I need to start by moving slow. If I’m feeling “fast”,  stressed out and internally rushed with a need of wanting to slow down, intense and some kind of sports at the gym, quick moves, often helps me to calm and slow down eventually.

Having been slow, then moving slow: I actually feel it makes me speed up. Starting wherever I’m at and my inner tempo might change by itself without having to force it. It’s like giving my body complete permission to be whatever it is in any given moment by really listening to it, moving it in an appropriate way, and then I reach those energy levels  I truly long for in the rest of my being.

Vitality = Mind & Body Cooperation! 


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