Vitality – 70/77 – Intentional Conversations

I just transcribed another interview that I did with a friend in the beginning of the year during those early January days. The calendar had just shifted from December to January and while that’s usually mid winter and time for cozy-tea-indoor-fireplace-conversations, we were sitting on the sandy beach being shone upon by Barcelona’s generous January afternoon sun.

On the background of this interview recording you can actually hear the waves making their way to the shore, the continuous movement of sea, which seems like the perfect image for the reliable impact that these interviews have on me.
There’s nothing that can get in the way between me and my fascination for these conversations on aliveness. There’s never a point where I’m not amazed by the wisdom that the people I talk with give words to. Even on my darkest of days, when everything else feels numb, I still sense a little tingling in my belly for conversations like these. ❤

Vitality = my always ongoing fascination for intentional conversations.


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