Vitality – Berlin bliss

Days like this…
Got re-inspired as I was translating an interview that I had done with a friend last summer. I got my heart rate up with an intense power yoga session at home and am excited about tomorrow’s sore muscles. I held a 9 months old human being on my arm and had butterflies in my stomach because of her wholehearted giggles.

I watered plants, ate ripe red currants straight off the bush and friends gave me salad they had homegrown. Had a nice meeting and working session at HandlungsSpielRaum, a place that feels increasingly meaningful to be at and contribute to. Also, the theme of „connection“ magically appears in most of my conversations and encounters these days. Life is good, despite (or especially?) with so much uncertainty. I’ve come to love this phase of adventurously not-planning and appreciate to experience how the „right“ things show up after going through some days of emptiness. It’s nothing fancy, it’s nothing new and it’s the simple things that truly fulfill me.

I walked home with gratitude in my heart, fresh wind on my skin and a bright smile on my face because it felt simply impossible to hide this feeling inside. And as my gaze was meeting others, I realized once again that some people seem to get confused when you smile at them without a reason, as if that was something weird to do (that’s at least how I interpreted their facial expressions), as if life satisfaction was something very rare and unusual…



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