This is a place where I give space to the creative longing in me, to express various things that make impression on me, to get things out after having them taken in.
I love human beings and those unique worlds we each carry in ourselves, the shared worlds that come to existence between us when we meet, and the big wild world we all inhabit – a complex planet in desperate need for our care and a crazily beautiful place at the same time.
I also love Vitality, every single day anew. It’s calling me and has become my field of research that has my ongoing attention. My driving force is fueled by a mysteriously stubborn curiosity.

Here, I want to put words and voice to what see, share inspiration from humans I meet, thoughts I think, experiences I have and actions I take. Sometimes it might also just serve as a selfish space for reflection, somehow trying to make sense of life. This is a messy blend of life’s colorful snippets, bits and pieces, an observation of how these emerge unpredictably in front of my eyes and from within.
It’s work in progress, always.

Welcome to my world!
Warmest, Lena.



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