The Interview Series


The Interview Series is an ongoing project that I started in spring 2015. It has its origin in my curiosity about the question of how people find their work and in the pleasure I find in having intentional one-on-one conversations. What started with sheer interest has now become some kind of creative research on the topic of professional paths.

„An interview is a conversation where questions are asked and answers are given“. (Wikipedia)

The questions which are asked are about the seeds and roots of a person’s profession. It’s about that which lays invisibly below the surface, that which is usually hidden but absolutely deserves to be seen. What has led you to your profession? How have you come to your work? What is the story behind what you do now? How have things become what they are? What is your driving force and where does that have its origin?

As unique as every individual human is, so are the answers to these questions for everyone. They are beyond right or wrong but rather the truth for each person. Traveling the path from outer identity (a person’s profession in this case) to the core (a person’s reasons that led to the profession) through conversation is a fascinating journey which reveals the infinite diversity of how human life can unfold. 

How are background, biography, interests, vulnerabilities and challenges, outer and inner conditions intertwined when it comes to finding one’s work? And what about coincidences, destiny, synchronicity, vocation and calling? What are the common threads that we share, even though our stories are each one of a kind?

Expressing my impressions, that lays at the core of this blog, and so sharing these conversations will be mostly a summary in form of my personal reflections, drawing lines to my own life, and some times but less often a little more objective in form of an interview script. Every person I’ve got to have a conversation with about their professional path so far, has been a fantastic teacher and a great source of inspiration. I do this because I love it, and even though I can never see it myself, I believe there’s a certain sparkle in my eyes that shows the excitement I feel in my belly every time I ask those questions, even increasing as I listen to the answers, when I try to make sense of the notes I once scribbled on a lose sheet of scratch paper, or when I type out word by word what my voice recorder reliably memorizes for me from these beautiful encounters.

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